HOUSE 19|07

Immersive Theatrical Series

Season 1

«Zvezda Teatrala» — 2018
Award Nominee

Season 2

11, 12, 13, 14 April 2019


Upon a conviction of a family’s ring’s theft the owner of Polivanov’s mansion orders the serfs to immure the maid in the walls of the mansion. Her spirit still wanders around the estate of the noble Polivanov family, protecting their incredible secrets.

The mysterious stories of this old mansion’s inhabitants that took place hundreds years ago are based on the legends about this House.

Immersive Format

Neither the stage, nor the usual auditorium. There is only a House: its rooms, corridors, stairs and halls

The story unfolds, the secrets are revealed, the mysterious events are happening here. For 2 hours the guests are supposed to follow the House characters, to watch them, to touch their destinies.


story lines in 1 show





A.K. Polivanov’s Homestead

The show “Origin/House 19|07” takes place in A.K. Polivanov’s homestead. The old mansion in the very heart of the capital – the monument of architecture of the beginning of the XIX century, one of the rare samples of a wooden empire style. Now the main house of the homestead is presented in the look of its historical past. It is open for general public for the first time.


The Regional public fund of social legal protection of domestic architectural heritage, in order to promote the historical and cultural monuments of the Russian Federation, has set as the purpose to open the main house of the homestead for general public in a way that is unusual to the experienced viewers, and initiated the development of an immersive show within the homestead’s walls.



Дом 19|07
Усадьба А. К. Поливанова
Москва, Денежный переулок, 9/6