Rules of Attending – HOUSE 19|07

Rules of Attending

The House opens its doors starting 6:30 PM.

The running time of the show is approximately 2-2,5 hours. The story of House19|07 unfolds in three separate routes. Please, treat the fact that the guests are going to be split in groups with respect.


* Remain silent for the length of the performance;

* Follow the resident of the House that is guiding you without wandering on their own;

* Visit the House in a comfortable clothe attire;

* Leave the House at any moment without any ticket refund


* Enter the House if they are not 18 years old. They can be asked to demonstrate the age certifying ID;

* Disturb the silence of the House, to talk; use their phones and any electronic devices;

* Take any photo or video recording. All devices must be turned off or switched to the silent mode;

* Touch the House residents, unless they permit it; enter the doors that are closed;

* Withdraw any House interior items;

* Take off their mask;

* Enter the House in the outwear, carrying umbrellas, big bags and staining items. You can leave it at the coat check;

* Enter the House in the state of alcohol inhibition or with their own food or beverages;

* Bring the animals to the House;

* Smoke in the House or around it. There’s a special place for smoking in the courtyard;

* Bring any kind of weapon to the House, including traumatic; objects that can harm the lives and health of others, including electric shock guns and laser pointers.

For your safety, we ask you to treat with respect the request of security to check your belongings. The event organizers reserve the right to turn down the audience members who are violating the rules without any ticket refund.

The play uses modern light and sound effects that can cause a strong emotional shock. Therefore, we do not recommend pregnant women or people who are suffering from cardiovascular diseases and diseases of the nervous system to attend the show.

The House is the cultural heritage site, and therefore access is limited for people with mobile disabilities (wheelchair users) due to the lack of suitable facilities and the structure of the rooms of the House, including narrow passages and stairs.

A detailed version of the rules can be read in the offer agreement.

For any additional questions about the rules contact: