The mystical love story and passions, revenges and treacheries unites 8 main heroes of the House. Here the love isn’t subject to time, but everything has got its own time. Here life fades, but moves forward…


The Regional public fund of social legal protection of domestic architectural heritage for promoting of historical and cultural monuments of the Russian Federation has set as the purpose to open doors of the main house of the homestead for general public in a format, unusual to the experienced viewer.


The start of the performance: 19:07
The doors of our House are open from 18:30.
The running time of the performance is 2-2,5 hours.
The story of House 19|07 develops in three directions.
Be sympathetic to the separation of guests into groups.


  • observe complete silence throughout the whole performance;
  • follow the person accompanying you at home and not go anywhere alone;
  • come to the house in comfortable clothes and shoes;
  • leave at any time the House irreparably without compensation for the cost of the ticket.


  • enter the House if you are under 18. You may be asked to show proof of age;
  • break the silence of the House; to speak; to use mobile phones, tablets, smartphones;
  • to take photos and video. ALL equipment must be switched off or switched to silent mode;
  • touch the residents of the House, if you are not asked to do it; to enter the closed doors;
  • take with you the interior of the Нouse;
  • take off the mask;
  • enter into performance in the outer clothing, with umbrellas, large bags and dirty objects. You can check them into the wardrobe;
  • come to the House in a state of alcohol and/or narcotic intoxication; with food and drinks;
  • bring animals into the House;
  • smoking in the House, as well as near it. For this purpose, a special place is reserved in the yard;
  • pass into the House with any kinds of weapons, incl. traumatic; objects that may harm the life, health of others, including, electric shock and laser pointers.

For your safety, we ask you to be sympathetic to the request of security guards to provide bags, packets, backpacks, bundles and other items brought to the House.
The organizers reserve the right to refuse violators of the Rules in the future stay in the House without refunding the ticket price.

The performance uses modern light and sound effects, which can cause a strong emotional shock. Therefore, we don’t recommend visiting the performance for pregnant women, people suffering from cardiovascular diseases and diseases of the nervous system.

The house is an object of cultural heritage, and thereby access is limited for the low-mobility groups (wheelchair users) due to the lack of special adaptations and features of the premises inside the House, such as narrow doorways and stairs.

A detailed version of the Rules can be found in the  offer document.
Any additional questions about the Rules: info@dom1907.ru